Ep 55 – Clayton Navarro: Experience the freedom of outsourcing offshore

Dec 16, 2020

Find the extra hours in your day with an offshore VA

Have you ever wished you could duplicate yourself – or add more hours to your day – just so you could get everything done?

Or are you sick of doing all those little annoying, yet important, admin tasks, like bookkeeping, answering emails, or creating social media posts?

If you answered yes to either question, or maybe both, then outsourcing to an offshore VA is something you might want to consider.

Today, I’m chatting with Clayton Navarro from VA World Outsourcing about how you can create freedom in your day by employing a part time or full time virtual assistant.

I’m personally just days away from experiencing that freedom – and I’m so excited to welcome my new part time virtual marketing assistant to the team. Yes, I’m actually developing a team now!

So if you’ve considered going down the same path – and ever wondered what’s involved in the process – you’re gonna love this episode.

Let’s get started!


Clay is the Director of VA World Outsourcing and has been running the business for just over a year.

During that time, the business has quickly placed itself as one of the leaders in the offshore virtual assistance space – with constant improvements being made in the streamlining of systems and processes every day.

Clayton is what he calls a life learner. Through his experiences on both a business and personal level, he’s always sought ways to make his business work for him – without having to work too hard.

He knows first-hand the power of having a VA and wants to share the freedom they can bring to the world.


• How does someone know it’s time to outsource? How can a VA help?
• What are the benefits of outsourcing offshore – versus finding someone local?
• What are the steps involved in the recruitment process at VA World Outsourcing?
• What are your tips for a successful offshore VA working arrangement?




LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/claynavarro/
Instagram – @they_call_me_clay
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/VAWorldOutsourcing



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