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Hit a brick wall with your article writing?

First of all, ouch. Didn’t you see that brick wall there? Haha.

When writing articles for your own business, we know it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. (Or the wall through the bricks…?)

But you’ve obviously landed on this page because you’ve acknowledged you need support in this area.

You know blogging is key for presenting yourself as an expert, influencer, know-it-all – whatever term you prefer.
And you know it’s also key for keeping your website fresh and keeping the Google gods happy.
And you want to write them, but you’re struggling for one reason or another.
You’ve written one amazing blog…but that was 6 months ago now…

Guess what? At Write Time Marketing, we LOVE writing blogs. We’re here to direct you to the right road or path so you can avoid those pesky procrastination walls.


We can write SEO-friendly blog content that:

  • Reflects your brand’s personality via the right tone of voice and style
  • Showcases your expertise and presents you as a leader in your field
  • Features engaging words to capture your readers’ interest
  • Contains amazing grammar and spelling

How do we do it? It’s a secret.

Nah, just kidding. We do our briefings via Zoom interviews – where we extract your why, your passion, and your tone of voice. And these are recorded and transcribed so we literally have your words to work with.

Yeah, we’re not psychic. But it’s the next best thing to reading your mind.

Ready to jump into it? Let’s chat!

Planning to write your own blogs – but struggling with ideas? Download your FREE copy of Leanne’s ‘7 blog topics to ignite your imagination’ eBook


Have some questions about copywriting?

Ooh great question! There are two key benefits of blogging:

1. Build your brand and position yourself as an industry influencer. Your articles can:

  • create brand loyalty
  • show you are trustworthy and transparent
  • show you’re the industry expert
  • provide opportunities to examine issues, concerns, and interests
  • be top of mind for potential, past, and current clients


1. Improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is because blogs provide:

  • fresh and original content for your website
  • solutions for search queries (aka FAQs)


However, I feel blogs are often underestimated. You’re not just writing something to build your brand and SEO – you’re also creating
a key piece of content for your business.

Once published, you can:

  • use the content to create multiple social media posts (that link back to your blog)
  • do Facebook Lives on the topic
  • add graphics, change to PDF, and turn it into a free lead magnet
  • collect a series of blogs on the same topic and create an eBook
  • use it to pitch your expertise for a podcast
  • send it to a local newspaper or magazine

Okay, okay. We’ve given you enough reasons to proceed. If your blogs aren’t writing themselves and you need copywriting support, start a conversation via the chat bot or give Leanne a buzz on 0412 861 685.
If you’re still eager to write your own blogs, but need a little guidance (aka ideas), you can either download Leanne’s FREE eBook with inspiring blog ideas or book in a Power Hour coaching session here.

The price varies from copywriter to copywriter – based on their level of experience and whether they’ve niched in a certain space.
With us, you’re looking at $450+GST for a 500-700 word blog as a starting point.
However, we highly recommend adding social media posts to make your repurposing process a little smoother. (See below for our package options).
The price includes the recorded Zoom briefing and transcript, copywriting, and 2 rounds of free edits and final proofreading.
Oh, and you also get two mid-senior level SEO copywriters allocated to your task – plus a project manager.

Business blogs aren’t meant to be something you do once and that’s it.
To get the best results, you need to publish at least one per month. Two would be even better. But it comes down to your
resources and budget! Check out our monthly retainer packages below.

Psst – If you’re unable to afford them right now, a monthly $350+GST Power Hour (which is recorded and transcribed)
with Leanne could be a good start?

After something else? We can also personalise a package for you.
Start the conversation via the chatbot below or give Leanne a buzz on 0412 861 685.

Need some time to think about it? No worries.

Thank You!

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