Ep 139 – Leanne Shelton: Change is in the air

Aug 17, 2022

Changes my business is undergoing

Right now, I feel everyone is going through a period of change.
Maybe it’s due to the new financial year starting here in Australia.
Or maybe it’s because that C word is starting to fade into the background.

Well, whatever the reason – I’m going through it as well.
Including this podcast.

Keep listening to find out more…


Okay, so what sort of change are you going through Leanne?

Feel like I’m on the edge of a rocky cliff-face. Bit uncertain right now – but can see a beautiful horizon! So I’m slowly welcoming changes in my life and allowing myself to experience them.

In today’s solo episode, I talked more about these changes in detail:

Recently undergoing new branding.
My new website being launched in a few weeks.
I got new professional photos taken.
I considered an in-house project coordinator role and it fell through.
My Marketing Assistant VA resigned and finished up.
I had a New VA starting this week.

And this podcast is going through an overhaul too! I hope you enjoy the episode!


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