Guest Appearances

Where else can you hear from Leanne Shelton?

Well, she’s been a guest for a *few* podcasts…


In addition to hosting my own podcast, I also make guest appearances
on shows created by other awesome entrepreneurs!

I usually talk about copywriting and content marketing – but on the odd occasion I simply
share my business story.

If you’d like to get to know me better, check out the snippets and links below.

6PR Perth Mornings
with Gary Adshead

Simple Hustle Summit
with Quincy Salonga

Sales Without Socials 
with Tanya Williams

Top Tech Tips with Kristof Kazmer

Evolvepreneur A.I.Advantage Show with Richard Wray

FAQ Business Podcast
with Jane Tweedy

Wisdom Wednesday
with Elizabeth Elenor

The Story Behind The Story with Matteo Bruschi and Renata Farah

The Business Behind Your Business with Paul Sweeney
SHBC Business Minds Podcast with Fiona Kane

We Are Women
with Janeen Vosper

The Marketing Strategy Show
with Kym Heffernan

The Real Deal
with Shawn Matthews

Relaxed and Raunchy
Relationships with Ingrid Galloway

Mumstyle Business
with Annelise Worn

Playing With Perspective
with Darren Saul