Ep149 - Carole Issa: How to use DISC profiling in marketing and sales

Jan 30, 2023

Optimising tools to improve marketing and sales

So I’m guessing you’re familiar with DISC profiling – or have taken other personality or psychometric tests in the past.

You probably did one in a past life as an employee, right? 

But do you know how to optimise this tool yourself, now as a business owner, to improve your sales and marketing?

In today’s episode of Marketing and Me, I’m chatting with Carole Issa from Leadership Activators who is delving into this fascinating topic.

And she has made me see DISC profiling in a whole new light!

Let’s jump into the episode.


Carole Issa is the founder of Leadership Activators.

As a former sound engineer turned professional executive coach, she specialises in leadership and communication and is the host of the Leadership Activators podcast. 

Carole is the creator of the Active Leader Pathway, which has been specifically designed to help business owners and team managers go from just managing people to becoming active leaders. She has been invited as a keynote speaker nationally and internationally to share her experience in leadership, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship. 

For the past 7 years, her mission has been to give emerging leaders access to the best tools to help them build more confidence so they have more influence and create more impact.


  • Could you please share more about your business journey?
  • Who do you work with and how do you help them?
  • Our listeners are probably familiar with personality tests and psychometric tools from past experiences. Today, we’re talking about using DISC profiling to help improve their marketing and sales. Could you please explain what DISC is and the benefits for knowing our own profile – plus the profile of our target market?
  • Some people might say these types of tests put people into boxes and produce very generalised results. What are your thoughts on that? 
  • If you work out someone else’s DISC, is it manipulative if you use that information to get sales?

And then I always ask the following:

• Which marketing method works best for your business?
• How do you take care of your health and wellness?
• How can people connect with you?


Website – https://leadershipactivators.com.au/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroleissa/

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