Ep 26 – Steven Franks: 7 positive financial habits for a healthy business

Jul 5, 2020

Master your business’s financial success

We’ve just started a new financial year – which means looking at your numbers and considering ways to improve them.
Because, ultimately, we all want successful and healthy businesses, right? But if you’re like me, those numbers are a bit scary.

Don’t worry – that’s why I have Steven Franks on the line today to talk about building positive financial habits.

He is also sharing the typical mistakes businesses make with their finances and has some great budgeting tips for us!

And if you’re an NDIS service provider, you’ll be interested to hear more about Steven’s recently released book ‘How the NDIS Can Work For You: A Blueprint for Service Providers Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme.’

Our chat has definitely put some things into perspective for me – and I’m sure it will help you too.

Let’s jump into the episode!


Steven possesses over 25 years’ experience in accounting and business administration roles – including senior positions within the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors in both Australia and the UK for large and small organisations.

His experience covers financial and administration management, reviewing, mapping and automating processes. Plus business strategy and operational planning.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting obtained from UniSA and is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).

Steven focuses on helping small businesses in the health, wellness and disability environment.

He identifies poor business processes that hinder business performance, then streamlines these to improve efficiency and profitability. As a result, they can serve more clients!

Steven has recently released his book ‘How the NDIS can work for you’, which is a blueprint for service providers navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


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