Ep 81 – Scarlett Clark: Overcoming anxiety to build a thriving business

Jan 10, 2022

Overcoming anxiety to thrive in your dream business

Whether you experience moments of panic or have full blown anxiety attacks, you’re not alone.

As business owners, we’re often under a lot of pressure to do our best, be our best self, and get the best results.
And because of this, we sometimes feel overwhelmed with our to-do lists and expectations of others.

But for now – I want you to forget about all of those pressures.
Because today I’m chatting with UK Entrepreneur and founder of the Smart Girl Tribe, Scarlett V Clark. And she’s going to talk us through how to prevent anxiety from occurring and embrace our fears – so we can build the thriving business of our dreams.

And yes, I’m saying ‘us’ and ‘we’ here – because I experience anxiety too.

Let’s jump into the episode!


Scarlett V. Clark is the CEO and founder of the UK’s number one female empowerment organisation. Upon finding that major magazines were only focusing on sex, weight and boyfriends – and fundamentally believing women deserved more from the media, Scarlett created a hub to have conversations that matter.

Now, Smart Girl Tribe boasts a top-rated podcast, a wildly successful event series. And her book, the Smart Girls Handbook, is now available in Australia, the UK and the States.

Scarlett is also a female empowerment expert for Harvard University and has worked with UN Women, HeforShe, and Women for Women International.


• Could you please share more about your business journey?

• Tell us more about your book.

• How does someone know they’re suffering from fear and anxiety?

• What are your recommended (natural) remedies for soothing an anxious mind?

• Anxiety often occurs when the future is unknown. Especially when it comes to taking the next step (and going out of your comfort zone) in your business. Could you please share some personal experiences – and what you did to overcome the uncertainty?

• What are your tips for confidently building a thriving business?


Smart Girl Handbook 


Website – www.smartgirltribe.com
Instagram – @smartgirltribe
Twitter – @smartgirltribe

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