Ep 6 - Jennifer Hil: How to amaze the f**k out of yourself

May 8, 2023

A life-changing approach in 15 weeks

Want to transform your life in 15 weeks?

Well, Jennifer Hill has done it twice now—first time entering a bikini competition at 52 and the second time publishing her first book (with me as her editor). She has a great formula called the ATFOOY approach which ensures that you can achieve these amazing goals as well in a short span of time.

I worked with her recently as her Book Coach and Editor for 15 weeks. Now that the book is published, I was so excited to have her in the podcast to talk and introduce us to this concept that has changed her life.

“How to amaze the f**k out of yourself” is a self-help book packed with actionable tips to help you live the life you want. It features expert advice, ‘colorful’ stories, and simple-to-follow worksheets that will all help you reach your full potential.

You’ll definitely learn a lot from this episode!

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