Ep 90 – How to increase your professional VALUE (and be in demand)

Aug 23, 2021

Increasing your visibility and professional value

How are you building your personal brand and business profile right now?

Are you hiding in a corner and hoping your minimal SEO efforts will help potential clients stumble across your website?

Or are you taking a more proactive approach – and putting yourself out there to increase your visibility?

Today, I’m chatting with success coach, Sarah Makris, who believes in the latter. We discuss the ways to increase your professional value and make others keen to seek you out and work with you.

It all comes down to increasing those touchpoints.
Without further ado, let’s jump in!


Sarah Makris is a Success Coach with more than 20 years of Corporate Communications Experience.

She helps leaders to attract their dream roles by building successful personal brands.

Sarah has worked for some of Australia’s most well-known brands and high profile CEOs and Directors and now uses her knowledge of what creates successful leaders and memorable brands to successfully coach her local and international clients.


• Could you please share more about your career journey?

• I understand you’re currently going through a mental toughness program called 75Hard. What does that involve and how’s that going?

• Today’s topic is about increasing your professional value – and be in demand. What tips can you offer health and wellness business owners to make this happen?

• What are your recommendations for building a personal brand and public profile?

And then I always ask the following:

• Which marketing method works best for your business?
• How do you take care of your health and wellness?
• How can people connect with you?


Books mentioned
Natasha Courtenay-Smith – ‘Stand out Online’
– Natasha Courtenay-Smith – ‘Million dollar blog’
– Mark Schaefer – ‘Known’
– Aziz Gazipura ‘Not Nice’


Website – www.sarahmakris.com.au
Email – sarah@sarahmakris.com
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-makris/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sarahmakrisaustralia/?hl=en
Clubhouse – @sarah makris

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