Ep 05 – Maxine Windram: Creating a strong customer service culture

Feb 10, 2020

A guide for creating effective relationships with customers

We all want to create truly memorable customer experiences in our business – so customers keep returning to us for our products and services, time and time again.

But what does an excellent customer experience look like?
And what do you do if you receive a negative review or email?
And how do you keep your staff motivated and aligned with your values?

We cover these questions and more in today’s episode with Maxine Windram from Brava Lingerie. Max and I are chatting about Brava’s strong customer service culture – and how it’s helped them to reach success across their 6 stores in Victoria and NSW.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the episode!


Bra boss, coffee addict, Mother, introvert, author….

Becoming Australia’s D cup & up expert wasn’t exactly on Maxine’s radar when considering career options! But after being treated like a problem in bra shops due to her D+ cup size, she now lives and breathes boobs, bras and business

(Okay, she doesn’t actually breathe boobs. That would just be weird).

Don’t ask her about her As, Bs, Cs… but she does know her Ds to Ks. Having run a chain of D cup & up lingerie stores with her Mum since 2006, it’s now Maxine’s mission to dig deeper into the world of big boobs to help women get abreast of their bodies, discover that elusive perfect bra, and to share her business insights with women in business and women thinking about taking the leap.

Her 1st book ‘Boobs, Bras and Business’ is a culmination of what women have shared throughout 1000’s of fittings over a 13-year period and what she’s learnt as a business owner. 



To find out more, Google ‘Brava’.

Instagram – #bravalingerie


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