Ep 84 – Matt Alderton: Scaling your business – despite adversity

Jul 12, 2021

Winning over challenges in life and business

Have you got big aspirations for your business – but life continues to throw curveballs your way?

And just when things seem to look up – you get thrown down again?

Well, you have a choice.
You can either give up and set up camp in that deep, dark pit you’ve found yourself in.
Or you can keep your chin up, focus on the limitless starry sky above, and find ways to keep going.

On today’s show, I’m speaking with founder of Bx Networking, Matt Alderton, who has experienced lots of adversity in the past – during both recent times and in previous businesses. During our chat, Matt shares a very personal example of overcoming a major challenge in his life – yet continued to push on through and become the very successful entrepreneur he is today.

So if you’re struggling right now – but have big dreams – this episode is for you!

Let’s jump in.


Matt Alderton is a serial entrepreneur and business expert with over 40 industry awards, including Business Person of the Year and the Australian Business Champion Awards – for which he has been the winner for two years now.

Over the past decade, he has founded and grown a dozen, six and seven-figure businesses, generating OVER One HUNDRED Million dollars in revenue. And now, he also runs the fastest growing business network organisation in Australia, Bx.


• Could you please share more about your business journey?

• Bx Networking works on a franchise model for expansion. Do you think franchising for growth is the best option for all businesses? Why?

• How did you expand the business into New Zealand – and what are your plans for taking over the world? 😝

• The last 18 months have been tough on everyone – but especially when you have massive aspirations to grow your business. When Covid hit – you moved your face to face meetings to the Zoom world. Was that always on the cards? How have online meetings contributed to the overall value and growth of Bx?

• Apart from Covid, what other challenges have you faced over the years – and how did you overcome them?

• In general, what are your processes and systems for overcoming continuous adversity – and still achieving your goals? Mindset? Teams? etc.


John Maxwell – click here to see his books about leadership
Dale Baeumont – click here to see his books about business

Terry Hawkins – motivational speaker


Email – matt.alderton@b-x.cpm (Contact Matt and mention this episode to receive 2 free tickets to your first Bx networking meeting)
Website – https://bxnetworking.com/
LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattalderton22/

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