Ep 140 – Leanne Shelton: ‘Magic’ marketing techniques

Aug 23, 2022

How to grow your business through marketing

Hello there!

Today I wanted to share with you some ‘magic’ marketing techniques.

That is – some strategies that are personally paying off in my business – and I know you could benefit from as well.

There’s no actual ‘magic’ involved though. It’s simply thanks to consistently showing up – both online and face to face.

Intrigued? Keep listening to find out more…

Alright, let’s get straight into things.
In the past, I’ve been asked how I’ve brought in my leads.
And it’s usually very varied.

As a content marketer, I feel it’s important to practise what I preach. And if it works for me, I figure that gives me authority to share the advice with others!

Networking—> LinkedIn —> Blog retainer

Networking —> Podcast guest —> Website project

Networking → Website designers —> Regular work

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