Ep 142 – Katinka Kernutt: How to Make Your Brand Photography Work For You

August 29

Building a strong online personal brand

The emergence of digital platforms has changed marketing forever. Companies today must create a personal website and grow a social media audience to be a competitive force in the market.  

Enter Katinka Kernutt, a personal brand photographer and graphic designer, who can elevate your personal brand while staying true to the essence of your business. 

As a fellow marketing nerd, I had the pleasure of chatting with her about being authentic and maintaining consistency to build a strong personal brand online with photography. 

Let’s dive in!


Katinka is a Melbourne-based personal brand photographer and graphic designer who helps small business owners show up in their business with a strong personal brand.

Katinka helps create a magnetic personal brand that tells your brand story. Her services help create the know, like and trust needed to connect with your ideal customer and get your business showing up consistently across all your platforms.


  • How does brand photography help someone present themselves as a leader?
  • Why do you need to show your personality in your business – and how do you ensure your photos capture it?
  • Should business owners have personal brands and business brands? And what is the difference?
  • Why do I need more than just a headshot as part of my business image library?


Website: https://katinkakernutt.com/
Email: info@katinkakernutt.com.au

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