Ep 48 – Kate Merryweather: How to create an accountability buddy system

Nov 5, 2020

Understanding the power of effective collaboration

How do you keep yourself accountable for your goals and dreams?

You could write them down in your journal or on a whiteboard – and look at them regularly.

You could tell the world – because you know it will be embarrassing to admit you didn’t achieve them.
Another way to keep yourself accountable is to have an accountability buddy.

What’s that, Leanne? I’m glad you asked!

An accountability buddy is someone you keep in touch with to share your aspirations, ask for advice, celebrate wins, and support your failures – or learnings as I like to call them.

In some cases, they might be a mentor. In others, like mine, they could be someone on a similar playing field who just ‘gets you’ and everything you go through as a small business owner.

My amazing accountability buddy is also a fellow copywriter – and I’m so excited to have Kate Merryweather on the show today.

For almost a year, we’ve chatted on a fortnightly basis and developed a supportive and enjoyable friendship – despite living in 2 different states and only ever seeing each other face-to-face once!

Today, we wanted to share with you some tips around setting up your own accountability buddy system – well, system is a very loose term here – and make those goals and dreams come true.

Rather than the usual interview style, Kate and I are kinda co-hosting this episode – and she’s asking me some questions as well.

Let’s get started!


  • Could you please share more about your business journey? (Leanne to ask)
  • Why do you think we work so well? (Leanne to ask)
  • Similar but non competing businesses
  • Similar stage of business growth 
  • Similar mindset and beliefs
  • Similar life stage – we are both mums 
  • What’s the secret formula to a good accountability buddy system? (Leanne to ask)
  • How can someone find an accountability buddy? (Kate to ask)
  • What are your thoughts on creating a schedule that works? (Leanne to ask)
  • What kind of commitment can someone expect? (Kate to ask)
  • Let’s talk about some tips when it comes to having an accountability buddy.
  • Start small, then build up (Kate to answer)
  • Trust takes time to develop (Kate to answer)
  • Be generous with your buddy – aim to give more than you take (Kate to answer)
  • Be flexible (Leanne to answer)
  • Find a mode of communication that works best (Leanne to answer)
  • Don’t jump into business mode – bond on a personal level too (Leanne to answer)


As Melbourne’s (self-appointed) favourite red-headed copywriter, Kate loves to write captivating, non-boring, gimme-more website content that truly connects with readers.

Kate is a wordsmith who can take a few bullet points and turn it into insightful content that is clickable, shareable and SEO friendly.

With more than twenty years of experience in marketing and PR, Kate has worked with clients such as Bendigo Bank, Emirates, Bunnings Warehouse, Telstra, City of Melbourne and many others. When not freelancing, Kate enjoys watching bad reality TV such as The Bachelor and is a proud owner of three daughters, one obese cat and one Thermomix.


Website: www.dotcomwords.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DotComWords/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kate0505
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-merryweather-1655a614
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kate_dotcomwords/?hl=en


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