Ep 95 – Jeremy Streten: Making legal advice accessible

Sep 27, 2021

Importance of legal aspects in business

Like it or not, when you’re a business owner there are various legal factors to consider.

But it can all seem extremely overwhelming.
Especially when all you want to do is focus on improving the health and wellbeing of your clients – and that annoying paperwork just gets in the way.

However, having agreements in place for both staff and clients, knowing how to protect your intellectual property, and being clear on what makes a good investment opportunity are just some of the legal aspects that will come into play at some point in your business journey.

Today, I’m chatting with Jeremy Streten, author of The Business Legal Lifecycle, who’s sharing some key legal insights with us.

And I promise you the conversation is easy to follow and very interesting – even if legal stuff isn’t your thing.

Let’s get started!


Jeremy Streten is a successful entrepreneur and lawyer applying his passion and experience to help entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners succeed in their ventures so that they can live the life that they want to live.

With a 17-year legal background as a business lawyer and 8 of those years as a business owner, Jeremy has learnt a thing or two about business.

Jeremy has appeared on various television shows, podcasts and radio interviews. He also provides regular content for websites across Australia.


• Could you please share more about your career journey?

• Let’s chat about your book ‘The business legal lifecycle’. What inspired you to write it – and could you please highlight what it’s about? Do you have a favourite section?

• When it comes to starting and/or running a business, is there a particular legal aspect that’s usually neglected?

• Many of our listeners are currently thinking about or in the process of expanding their business. What are some of the things they need to consider when it comes to bringing on employees?

• I also wanted to touch upon protecting intellectual property. Could you please explain what that is – and ways it can be protected?

• Do you have any other quick legal tips for the health and wellness business owners listening in?

And then I always ask the following:

• Which marketing method works best for your business?
• How do you take care of your health and wellness?
• How can people connect with you?


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Website – businesslegallifecycle.com and jeremystreten.com
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremystreten/
Twitter @jeremystreten

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