Ep 79 – Hiam Sakakini: The difference between good and great managers

Jun 7, 2021

How to be a great team leader in business

Would you consider yourself to be a good manager?

Or even a great manager?

Or are you about to recruit staff and become an instant overnight leader?

If you want to ensure high efficiency and a thriving, supportive environment within your team, you need to be more than just an expert in your field.
You need to know what your team needs from you.

And you need to be human.

Today, I’m chatting with Hiam Sakakini who’s providing some amazing insight and succinct tips around what makes a great manager.

Let’s jump in!


Like many of us, Hiam’s career itself has been an
interesting journey with twists and turns, taking her from Sales Manager to Leadership Development at Google.

Along the path, she lived and breathed the unique experience of how technology disrupts industries and how to navigate that change successfully through your people.

As a Sociology Major and Culture Change Expert, her drive is to create environments founded on trust and psychological safety where teams can be empowered and thrive.


• Could you please share more about your business journey?

• Can anyone be a manager – or only people with certain skills and traits?

• From your experience, what are the key mistakes managers typically make?

• What’s the difference between a good manager and a great manager?

• What actions can our listeners start taking today to lead more effectively?


Website – www.thecultureequation.com.au
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiamsakakini/
Calendly – https://calendly.com/hiam/workplace-culture-consultation

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