Does a work/life balance exist?

Nov 23, 2015

Put your hand up if you are on the journey to find the Holy Grail – aka ‘a work/life balance’!

*Watches a million, trillion hands go up*

Work-Life-BalanceOkay, so it’d probably be better to ask the question – who doesn’t want a work/life balance…?

For anyone running their own business and taking care of a young family, (with some people also adding study time to the mix!) many of us are desperately searching to find the perfect balance between earning enough income to live a comfortable life – and actually finding the time to live that comfortable life!

It is so easy to get caught up in it all, including the admin work and invoices, marketing that we’re supposed to do, emails we need to read, and actual work that we need to work on, that we quite often forget the real reason we started our own business in the first place – to have more time with our families and fulfil our own sense of achievement. Well, those are my two key reasons anyway! (Getting sick of poor management styles in previous work environments was also a factor…)

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in March this year, back when my business started building and I took on my first big client, I started collating a Weekly Planner on a Sunday night or early Monday morning. It has been so very helpful and I have relied upon it every week ever since. I use the template to map out all of my key projects and tasks for the week and allocate time to work on them. I also insert time to spend with my family – which is the most important part of all!

By following this template, I know when I need to focus on my work – and only my work – and when I can let it all go to focus on playing with my daughter or chilling out with my hubby. And I don’t let things overlap! It also stops me from having mummy guilt and constantly looking at my watch and wondering if it’s nap time yet…I bet we’re all guilty of that… It’s so important to appreciate every moment with your loved ones.

I also ensure that I don’t take on too much work that I can physically handle. So in busy times, I have a fantastic team of copywriters, bloggers, and social media experts to assist me. Knowing when to delegate is also a very important way to ensure a work/life balance!

What do you do to create a clear distinction between the business and family? Feel free to share in the comments section below – I’d love to hear more suggestions!

And if you’re finding yourself spending too much time on your e-newsletters, blog writing, social media and other forms of marketing, feel free to contact us at Write Time Marketing.

Hand over some of the work load to us so that you can spend more quality time with your family!

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