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5 mind-blowing ways to use ChatGPT to improve your content marketing

How to save time and make more sales from your ChatGPT content

By now, you’ve probably heard about the content-producing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, ChatGPT, that’s seemingly taking over the world. Or read my previous blogs on the topic here.

Many organisations and small business owners are embracing it. And have already found ChatGPT to be a lifesaver when it comes to producing content.

But how do you use the technology to improve your content marketing strategy – while saving time? 

And how do you ensure you’re using the tool’s full potential to build your ‘know, like, and trust’ factor and make more sales?

Start by understanding your tone of voice and audience

Are you clear on your business (or personal) tone of voice and the audience you’re speaking to?

Well, it’s essential to get this clarity before delving into the world of ChatGPT. Especially if you want all your content to be consistent and authentic. You want the written version of you to sound like you (and your team) in real life.

Tone of voice

Your tone of voice represents the personality and character of your brand – and it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. This is key to building brand recognition and creating a connection with your audience. 

Before diving into ChatGPT-assisted content creation, take the time to define your brand’s tone of voice. 

Are you:

  • casual and friendly?
  • professional and authoritative, or
  • a combination of both?
  • Or something else altogether?

Knowing this information will help you guide ChatGPT towards generating content that aligns with your brand’s persona and resonates with your target audience.

For example, you can use writing prompts like ‘In a casual and friendly tone, write xxxx’.


Equally important is understanding your audience. Who are they? What are their needs, pain points, and desires? And how do you provide solutions?

By having a deep understanding of your audience, you can tailor your content to address their specific interests and challenges. As a result, you can ensure ChatGPT spits out relevant, valuable, and engaging content.

And that results in higher conversion rates. You know, because they really feel heard and feel they can trust your advice since you ‘get them’.

To continue on the last writing prompt example, you could say ‘In a casual and friendly tone, write a 700 word article suitable to stressed new mums who have just given birth on how to adjust to life with a newborn.’

5 different aspects of content marketing you can improve via ChatGPT

1. Website copy – Captivating your visitors

When it comes to your website, you have seconds to grab your visitors’ attention and convince them to stay. Because, as you know, we’ve all got very limited attention spans these days…oh look – a squirrel!

The copy must be clear, concise, and engaging. And provide readers a glimpse into what makes your business special – and why they should choose you over the competition. 

That’s where ChatGPT comes in. 

With its assistance, you can:

  • craft irresistible SEO-friendly headlines that make your visitors want to explore your site further
  • write persuasive product descriptions that send visitors off to the checkout in minutes, and
  • effectively communicate your brand’s unique value proposition – and stand out from your competitors.

With ChatGPT, you can experiment with different messaging approaches, test out various value propositions, and find the right words to resonate with your target audience.

For example, you could ask it to ‘In a casual and friendly tone, write persuasive 100 word product descriptions, highlighting the benefits to new mums, for the following 10 products….xxxxx’

2. Blog articles – Fuel your content engine

Blogging is a powerful tool for establishing your authority in your industry, attracting organic traffic to your website, and engaging your audience. Blog articles are also a fantastic starting point for your ongoing content marketing strategy. 

So yeah, I’m definitely a fan!

But coming up with fresh and informative blog article ideas – as well as paragraphs of engaging content – can be a challenge. That’s where ChatGPT shines. 

The AI tool can be your creative writing companion partner by:

  • helping you brainstorm topics
  • producing article outlines, and
  • providing insightful content suggestions. 

For example, you could ask it to ‘Provide me with 10 blog topic ideas suitable to stressed new mums – which relate to my 10 products xxxxxxxx’

3. Emails – Making an impact in the inbox

Email marketing is an invaluable tool for nurturing leads, retaining customers, and driving sales. But crafting impactful and persuasive emails can be time-consuming. 

Especially if you put a LOT of pressure on yourself to get it right!

Whether you’re sending out e-newsletters, promotional offers, or important customer updates, ChatGPT can help you create email content that resonates with your recipients.

ChatGPT can help you make a lasting impact in the inbox by:

  • writing attention-grabbing subject lines that make your emails super clickable 
  • crafting personalised messages that speak directly to the reader’s needs and desires
  • structuring your emails in a way that makes more impact, and
  • providing an email sequence plan (and write the emails!) to nurture leads or upsell clients 

Overally, ChatGPT can help you improve customer relationships , drive conversions, and achieve your email marketing goals with ease.

Simply provide the AI with the core message or purpose of your emails as your writing prompt – and it will help find the right structure and words to engage and persuade your audience.

4. Social media – Sparking conversations

Social media platforms are bustling hubs of activity, filled with endless opportunities to connect with your audience and promote your business. 

But standing out in the crowded social media landscape can be challenging. And coming up with consistent content – so you’re posting at least a few times a week – can often lead to writer’s block.

ChatGPT can be your social media superhero by:

  • crafting catchy captions for your Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn posts
  • generating ideas and suggesting creative angles, and
  • coming up with hashtags to boost your visibility

With this AI tool as your social media ally, you can cultivate an active and engaged community, build brand loyalty, and drive traffic to your website.

5. Webinars – Engage and Educate Your Audience

After putting together a blog article, I highly recommend repurposing it into an informative webinar for potential or current clients. Or possibly both!

Webinars are an effective way to engage with your audience, share valuable knowledge, and establish yourself (or retain your position) as an expert in your industry. 

Whether you’re hosting a live event or creating pre-recorded sessions, ChatGPT can assist you in crafting compelling and educational content.

It can help by:

  • outlining the key talking points 
  • providing a clear structure your presentation
  • ensuring a smooth flow of information
  • brainstorming interactive activities to help the new information sink in, and
  • suggesting relevant examples and case studies, and
  • offering image ideas for slides (But you’ll need to use a visual AI tool like Midjourney to actually create the images. Or Canva!).

ChatGPT can also help you address common questions and concerns your audience may have – to ensure your presentation is engaging and not one-sided. 

By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, you can deliver webinars that leave a lasting impact on your audience. 

Article wrap-up

So as you can see, there are various ways that ChatGPT can help you improve your content marketing strategy. It will save you time by coming up with the essential bits and pieces to get started – and produce content that really speaks to your target audience.

And a person who feels understood and supported is much more likely to buy from you!

So why not give ChatGPT a try to see how it can help take your business content to the next level?

Need extra guidance?

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the possibilities of AI, I totally get it. 

We’re here to help you out – whether it’s by creating a content strategy for you or ensuring the copy is hitting the mark via ChatGPT editing.

Simply book in a free 15 minute virtual tea with me to discuss the next steps from here.

If you’re keen to learn more about ChatGPT, you can also fill in a quick form highlighting the different ways we can offer support.

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