Ep 136 – Adam Arnold: 7 critical factors you need to know before hiring someone to run advertising campaigns

Jul 26, 2022

Things to consider when investing in paid ads

Advertising is a vital part of growing a business – but I know many of you are hesitant to invest in paid ads across social media platforms like Google and Facebook.
It’s scary, right?
But you never know what type of traction you could gain from these ads or the potential impact they could have on your business.
Today I’m chatting with a friend of mine, Dr. Adam Arnold from Web Profit Maximiser.
He’s here to discuss the impact of advertising and all the critical things you need to consider before hiring someone to run an ad campaign for you and how to avoid possibly overloading your business!
Let’s get started!


Dr. Adam Arnold from Web Profit Maximiser has been helping his clients with paid advertising since 2012. His first ad generated over 1200 leads in one month and since then he’s had the pleasure of helping healthcare businesses double, triple and even quadruple in 3-12 months.

Adam takes a 360-degree approach to growing businesses to ensure that the new client opportunities he generates for business owners turn into happy customers who pay, stay and refer.


• You use the courtesy title Dr. in your name, what kind of doctor are you and how did you shift from being a doctor to advertising? I’d love to hear more about your business journey!

• In your intro, you mention that you generated 1200 leads in one month…Could you please share more about that?

• A lot of people are hesitant about paying for social media Ads. Are Facebook Ads still a good option these days? With all the changes in the platform, do paid ads still work?

• For today’s episode, I believe you have 7 critical factors our listeners need to know before hiring someone to run advertising campaigns for them. Could you please run us through those?


Website: webprofitmaximiser.com.au
Email: adam@webprofitmaximizer.com

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