Ep 2 - Leanne Shelton: ChatGPT: Friend or foe?

April 3, 2023

Embracing ChatGPT as a starting point

Right now, it seems that every business owner is talking about the coolest Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool on the block – ChatGPT. And considering all the ways it could improve their content marketing strategies. As well as other forms of communication.

And many people are asking me how it’s going to impact my content marketing and copywriting business.

Well, let me just say this – I’m not rocking in the corner in a sweaty panic. I’m actually excited about it!

In fact, I’m going to use this tool to help me write my blogs. 

But the keyword here is help. 

While you might choose to ask this currently-free AI tool to handle your content marketing, like blogs, social media posts, e-newsletter content, and webinar and podcast scripts – you can’t simply accept whatever content ChatGPT spits out at you and then publish it without a second thought.

I’m sorry to say – it still requires human intervention. So, please don’t get lazy!

In today’s episode,I’ll highlight the ways that ChatGPT can be your friend (aka benefit your business) and possibly be your foe (aka ways it could bring you down). 

Let’s jump into the episode. 

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