A video blog…about video blogging!

Jan 2, 2015

Have you dabbled with video blogging yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t – I’m very new to it too!

I used to think that to have a video blog I needed to have a high quality camera, a tripod, great lighting, a discreet microphone piece, and then be prepared for a LOT of editing. But it turns out that you simply need your mobile phone or computer (obviously, as long as they have an in-built camera and microphone!), a well-lit room and a finger ready to press the ‘record’ button! This is great news for small business owners, as it means that you can get your message across without all the technical stuff.
So today I bit the bullet, set up my beloved Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (and no, I haven’t been paid to make this endorsement!), pressed ‘record’ and away I went.

Here is a link to my very first video blog!

I know it’s not fantastic and I stumbled over some words, but so what? It’s a fantastic way to build up your personal brand and interact with your current and future customers. Any mistake I make just shows that I’m human and adds a level of authenticity. It has not been edited to morph it into something else. This video blog shows the real me. The real person behind Write Time Marketing.

I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own video blog. Don’t be scared, just give it a go. You might just impress yourself!

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