Toilet training or making a sale?

Apr 18, 2016

Potty-Training-ToiletsSo, over the Easter long weekend, my husband and I had a joyful project – toilet training our 2.5 year old.

My lacklustre attempt for one day back in January had failed, but I had put it down to Miss G not being prepped enough and me being too distracted by planning an upcoming volunteering event. So in the following months, I casually introduced the concept of the potty in the mornings and gained some confidence (and lost some fear!) when she successfully did four or five wees in the potty before the (constantly re-scheduled) ‘D-weekend’. And despite accidents multiple times over the long weekend, I’m proud to say that our daughter has caught onto the idea that wees in the potty are good and wees on the floor are bad. She is now acknowledging when she needs to go and has even started to take herself to the

bathroom. Success!

Why am I telling you all this in a somewhat (very) TMI blog post? Well, if you’re a business mum like me, you would appreciate what it’s like to go through this milestone/hurdle of eliminating the nappies. And being cooped up in the house for most of four days got me thinking… toilet training could be compared to making a sale in business.

Yes, maybe I was going a little crazy with cabin fever. Or maybe I’m crazier now for going ahead with my blog idea. But hear me out.

Comparison 1. – You start with the encouragement

Whether it’s your toddler or a potential client, you need to remain friendly, supportive and approachable so that they warm to the idea of using the potty or purchasing from you. You can’t seem to be aggressive or forceful – you almost have to make them feel like it was their idea…

Comparison 2. – Explain why they need your help 

Sometimes you need to let your toddler/client have those ‘wee’ accidents and make mistakes – so that they learn and realise that they really do need to try out the approach/product/service that you’re suggesting. Whether that accident is making a large puddle on the floor and getting themselves all wet, or finding themselves in deep poop when they realise that they’ve completely messed up a job by attempting it themselves.

Comparison 3. – Show the rewards and benefits

While a sticker chart or Kinder surprise egg might do the job for your toddler, new clients also need to see that they made the right decision by going ahead with your product and service. Whether that’s going the extra mile to present their purchase in a beautiful gift-box or giving them a voucher to use next time. Why should the client keep coming to you? Or why should your toddler stop weeing in their undies?

Comparison 4. – Make them feel comfortable

Ultimately, you need to make your toddler/client feel that this new decision is the right one. And to continue on that same path. So in the case of a toddler – make them want to continue using the potty or toilet, even after the initial rewards stop. And for a client – they need to feel like there’s no need to look elsewhere, as your business is providing the perfect solution.

So am I indeed crazy, but does the comparison kinda make sense?

If you’re sick of having little accidents with your content marketing, feel free to contact me.I’d be more than happy to help!

Leanne 😛

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