Ep 65 – Robyn Hawke: Improve your profit with your physical environment

Mar 1, 2021

A good workspace for better income

Are you thinking of moving into a bigger salon or clinic?

Or maybe you’re finally making the move from that tiny spare room in your home into a space that can accommodate future growth?

Whatever the situation, there’s some important stuff you need to know.
Like how to ensure your workspace is compliant and functional – while also being pretty and creating a pleasant vibe for both clients and staff.

Robyn Hawke from Inspired Spaces is here to give you all the information you need before you take that next step in your health and wellness business.

Get your pen and paper ready – and let’s jump into the episode!


Robyn Hawke is the face behind Inspired Spaces.

Their key business focus is on residential redesign and creating the physical branding of a company’s persona. And their ability to manipulate space is their key strength, which translates into beautiful fully functioning spaces.

Robyn and her team create concepts, drawings, images and even animated walk-through videos so clients can see and visualise their new space.

They believe in the importance our environment has on our ability to enjoy life, function, and even our emotional responses. And take their clients through the entire process from initial ideas, to fully developed plans that have DA approval.


Website: https://www.inspiredspaces.com.au
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/robynhawke
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inspiredspacesaus/
Email: robyn@inspiredspaces.com.au

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