Ep 121 – Petru Iacob: Making digital ads work better

Apr 11, 2022

Creating the best digital marketing campaign

If you’ve dabbled in social media advertising – and had no idea what you’re doing – you may have found yourself completely overwhelmed with the best targetting strategies to ensure the best results.
For example, Facebook asks you for 25 keywords.

But which keywords do you choose?
Where do you even start?

Today, I’m chatting with Petru Iacob – who established the platform Audiencer.io to help you through this exact issue.

They compile data that offers you a full list of audience interests – allowing you to hand select the best options for your marketing campaign.

To accompany this episode, Petru has kindly offered to provide a demo in the Marketing and Me Community Facebook group.

But for now, let’s dive into the episode!


Petru has been in the marketing world since 2008 – first as a web developer, then as an entrepreneur selling own-made software products.


• Tell us more about your business journey.

• What is Audiencer.io and how does it work?

• How do I go about finding new keywords to target?

• How does the FB bidding algorithm work and why is it so unstable?

• What are the best interests to target?

And then I always ask the following:

• What’s the best form of marketing for your business?
• How do you look after your health and wellness?
• How can people connect with you?


Marketing & Me Community Audiencer Demo – https://www.facebook.com/541025135/videos/1996913510511552/


Email: petru@audiencerpartnership.com

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