My 10pm Facebook Curfew

Jul 20, 2016

So it’s 10:33pm and I’m struggling not to open a new browser window on my PC and type ‘F’…you know, that word that ends with ‘acebook’. I love how after typing that one simple letter, my computer always knows which page I want and instinctively inserts the rest of the URL for me – each and every time. I mean, who enjoys typing a web URL from scratch after all?

Yes, I am one of the billions of people around the world who is *slightly* addicted to the social media platform giant – but it’s a habit that I’m trying to get a handle of.

  • I’m trying not to scroll down my news feed while my daughter is begging for my attention/learning a new skill at swimming/eating her breakfast like a snail.
  • I’m trying not to get distracted by interesting articles and reading them instead of doing my work.
  • And I’m trying not to use Facebook after 10pm.

I set myself this new 10pm curfew over a week ago, and so far, so good. The reason? I love reading and I even joined a nerdy local book club a couple of years ago to encourage myself to get back into the art. But thanks to Facebook, my ‘reading time’ in bed is quite often replaced by self-promises – ‘I’ll just spend 5 more minutes on Facebook before getting to my book’…or ‘I’ll start reading after I finish this article/conversation with a friend on Messenger.’ And before I know it, it’s 11pm and I’m too tired to pick up my Kindle.

So, at 10pm it’s no more Facebook for me for the night. No excuses. I can either read, shower or finish cleaning up after dinner if required, but there’s no more time wasting on a medium that can wait until the morning. Oh and tonight it meant having the chance to type up this blog entry!

On that note – the next step is to stop looking at Facebook when I first wake up in the morning. I could be so much more productive with those 20 minutes by A) Washing my face, doing my makeup and getting dressed before my daughter wakes for the day or B) Doing some exercise or C) Putting a load of washing on or D) Anything else that actually adds value to my day!

Well, I guess I can’t do too much too soon….

Do you have Facebook curfews for yourself? If you’re a recovering addict like me, how do you limit your usage?

Leanne 🙂

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