Ep 110 – Leanne Shelton: Setting yourself up for an awesome year (includes meditation)

Jan 24, 2022

Making the most of your visualisations to make 2022 your best year ever

As I record this episode, 2022 is well underway.

How are you feeling about the year ahead?

Have you set yourself some Big Hairy Audacious Goals?

Or are planning to just go with the flow this year, following two years of uncertainty and ups and downs?

In today’s episode, I wanted to do something a bit different.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran a goal setting and vision board workshop – which involved a 5 minute meditation that I personally wrote.

As a side note, I absolutely loved writing it – and think I need to write some more!

But anyway, I thought I’d share that meditation with you today. It will get you thinking about 2022 as though it’s already happened.

Because your brain can’t distinguish the difference between what’s imaginary and hasn’t happened versus what has actually taken place.

By visualising and feeling the future, you can actually ‘trick’ yourself into believing that it’s already happened. And, like magic, it increases the possibility of it taking place in real life.

You just need to feel it and really believe it.

After the meditation, I’ll talk you through how to make the most of your visualisations to make 2022 your best year ever!

I hope you enjoy this episode – and share it with fellow business owners who could benefit.

Let’s get started.

As I mentioned in the intro, we’re going to start with a meditation today.

It’s nice and short – but I highly recommend sitting somewhere quiet with your eyes closed, rather than running, driving, or doing the dishes. That could end in disaster…and I take no responsibility for that! Haha.

After today’s episode, I hope you’ll have clarity of what your dream year will look like.

We’ll cover 9 different aspects of your life – and then I’ll ask you to press pause and write down all the things that sprung to mind.

So yes, you might like to have pen and paper handy or your laptop if you prefer to type. You can also record your voice saying what you saw if you really want to drive it home. You can then listen back to it on a regular basis.

Then we’ll talk a little bit about breaking those goals into small, bite-sized actions. Because you need to actually become the person who achieves those goals.

Otherwise, the goals are just these hypothetical things floating around your head with no real grounding.

But that’s enough from me. Let’s get started with the meditation.

Get yourself comfortable in your chair, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths.

“Imagine it’s the morning of 31st December 2022.

Imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel calm and happy and ensure it’s clear in your mind’s eye. It could be a place you know well or someplace new.

What can you smell? What can you hear? What can you touch?

You feel a smile spread across your face as you start to reflect upon your amazing achievements from the past 12 months.

You begin by thinking about your career and the opportunities that arose throughout the year.

How did you step outside your comfort zone? Did you pivot in some shape or form? What new things did you try?

And think about how those achievements make you feel.

Now, think about love and your relationships and partnerships.

What memorable experiences did you share with your loved ones – partner, parents, children, grandchildren? How did your relationships develop among team members and other business owners?

Now choose a word you would use to describe how you feel in this moment.

Next, you start to reflect upon your wealth and prosperity from the year.

Imagine picking up your phone, logging into your business bank account, and seeing how much money appears on the screen. It’s a substantial amount that fills you with so much gratitude.

See that number. How much is there? What will that money do for you, your business, and loved ones in 2023 and beyond?

Feel the gratitude and appreciation for that money flow through your body. You know, without a doubt, that you deserve it – and you know money will continue flowing into your life from here.

Now, start thinking about your health and wellness.
You made it a key part of your life this year. What did you achieve? How did you keep active and what type of diet did you have?

Imagine placing your hands on your heart, taking a deep breath, and feeling gratitude for the great state of health you’re currently feeling.

Your mind then wanders to the ways you helped others this past year. Who did you support in 2022? What were their pain points and concerns? How did you help them?

Then think about how these memories make you feel.

You begin to think about the creativity and joy in your life.
What hobbies did you pursue? How did you express your creativity or find joy this past year? Painting? Dancing? Learning a new language?

And when did you undertake these activities? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Now, think about the knowledge you’ve acquired.
What type of self and business development did you undertake?
Did you attend courses? Read books? Or listen to podcasts?

Let yourself feel gratitude for the growth you’ve experienced as a result.

Finally, you begin to think about your reputation.
How did you show up this past year and present yourself to the world? Which channels did you use? What type of feedback or words of encouragement did you receive from others?

Our meditation is now coming to an end. But before we finish, I want you to think about how you have grown as a person and business owner over these past 12 months.

What’s the difference between where you were in January 2022 and where you are today in December 2022?

Once again, feel the gratitude flood your body. It’s been a wonderful year.

Now, as you come back to the present day, carry that gratitude with you. Start to wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch if you need to. And slowly open your eyes.”

Welcome back. Now, I want you to get out a piece of paper or open up a new document on your computer. Or get your phone or Zoom ready to record what came to you.

Write, type, or say everything that came to you during the meditation.
These will become your goals for 2022.

You can now pause this episode and take as long as you need to get all of those beautiful images out of your mind.

How did you go?

If anything in particular surprised you or excited you, I’d love to hear about it. Just take a screenshot of this episode and reach out to me on Instagram or LinkedIn with your enlightened moments!

So where to from here?

Well, you can pause or finish this podcast and head off to create a vision board of everything that came to you during the meditation.

You can do this digitally via Canva (like we did the other day) or get out the old school magazines and do some cutting and pasting.

Then put your vision board somewhere you’ll see it all the time.
If it’s digital, put it as your screensaver or mobile phone lockscreen.
If it’s on a poster, put it on a wall you see or pass regularly.

And watch the magic manifest!

If vision boards aren’t your thing – or if you want to tackle that later – you can spend a few minutes now thinking backwards. You’re familiar with the destination based on what your saw in your visualisation. Now you need to work out the steps you need to take to get there.

I recently read ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, which was a fantastic book on how to make things happen.

One of the things he talks about is ‘habit stacking’. In other words, sourcing an existing habit – like brushing your teeth – and adding a new habit to it, like flossing. Well, maybe you already do both of these, but flossing is definitely something I need to start doing!

Actually, I have started one particular habit stack that I’ve been trying over the last couple of weeks. I wanted to keep a daily digital journal via the 5 Minute Journal app.

So every night, as I plug my phone in to charge, on the other side of the bedroom, I complete my 5 minute journalling. Then I switch to airplane mode – to stop the electromagnetic radiation while I sleep – and head to bed. So far, I’ve managed to do this every day for 2 whole weeks!

Another way to ensure your goals actually take place is to say exactly when you’re going to action the little tasks that lead up to it.

For example, towards the end of last year, I decided to get back into running.

So I planned to get up at 5:30am every weekday morning and go for a run. I didn’t set the exact days, like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, because I didn’t feel like I needed to. But if I ever feel my momentum dropping, I’ll probably commit myself to something like that.

Anyway, if you need additional support with transforming your goals into daily habits, I highly recommend checking out ‘Atomic Habits’.

That’s it from me today. I hope you found this episode to be useful and inspiring!


Throughout her career, Leanne Shelton has gained vast experience in journalism, marketing, communications, events, and B2B sales. She has worked in both corporate and not-for-profit roles, but since starting Write Time Marketing in 2014, Leanne has found her true calling.

A self-proclaimed English nerd at heart, Leanne is extremely passionate about the written word and loves working with Health & Wellness business owners to prepare effective content marketing strategies to best suit their target audiences. Even though she has dabbled in all forms of copywriting, Leanne specialises in business blogging as she loves the capacity to form ongoing relationships with her clients.

While some business owners choose to outsource their blogs to Leanne to write, others prefer to take the DIY approach and learn about the art via training opportunities online, face-to-face, and her podcast ‘Marketing & Me’.

Outside the office, Leanne enjoys dancing, reading, listening to inspiring podcasts, and spending quality time with her husband and two young daughters.


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