Ep 3 - Leanne Shelton: Benefits of the Pomodoro Technique

April 17, 2023

A must-try productivity and management hack

When things get tough or overwhelming, it’s very easy to just do nothing.

However, procrastination doesn’t move your business forward…

Rather than getting frustrated with yourself, I recommend trying out a productivity and time management ‘hack’ called ‘The Pomodoro Technique’. Also known as ‘The Pomodoro Method’.

You might have heard of it. Or maybe it’s a brand new concept for you. 

Either way, I highly recommend trying The Pomodoro Technique to increase your productivity in just 25 minute blocks. I’ve personally benefited from this strategy and I think you will too. (In fact, this blog article was written during multiple Pomodoro sessions!)

Let’s take a deep dive into what’s involved and why you need to give it a crack!

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