Ep 143 – Leanne Shelton: 3 things NOT to do in your podcast

September 07, 2022

What NOT to do in your podcast

I’m mostly a happy, positive person. But every now and again, I get somewhat agitated.

Yes, it’s mostly around my kids….But more recently it was about a podcast I’ve been listening to for quite a while.

Now I love listening to podcasts – and when I find a good one, I binge on it. And unfortunately, I was recently annoyed by one particular episode of this show….which inspired me to record an episode on podcast no-nos – for anyone out there who has their own podcast or thinking of starting one up.

Let’s jump in!


  1. (click bait… Topic being 10 tips and you only give 1). 
  2. Don’t give advice when you haven’t experienced something (ie parenting advice when you’re not a parent).
  3. Don’t talk for 20 mins about stuff unrelated to the topic or simply promote your next course (you can do that naturally as part of the Congo or through in testimonials like Denise).

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