Ep 33 – Kirsty Farrugia: Declutter your way to productivity

Aug 23, 2020

The surprising benefits of tidying your workspace

How is your workspace looking right now?
Come on, be honest with yourself here.

Is it tidy and organised, with clear filing systems in place?
Or does it look like a scattered mess, and you’re forever shuffling things around to find what you need?

If you want to increase your daily productivity levels, decluttering can lead you on the right path.

Today, I’m chatting with Kirsty Farrugia from The Art of Decluttering, who’s sharing some great tips around cleaning up the chaos and creating a clearer work area.

And I admit I need to take some of her advice myself…

Anyway, let’s jump into the episode!


Kirsty Farrugia is a Professional Organiser and transformed messaholic.

Passionate about helping others to find space in their heads, hearts and homes, Kirsty wants to share with others the freedom that comes from living a decluttered life.

Co-Founder of The Art of Decluttering, a Professional Organising business and popular podcast, Kirsty is on a mission to help those who are too busy, too confused, too tired, too stressed or too overwhelmed to deal with their own clutter – working with clients to create order and make long-term improvements in all aspects of their lives.

Kirsty lives in Sydney, Australia with her uber-organised husband and her two gorgeous children.



• Why is it important to have a tidy work space?
• Today, I want to cover two spaces – the place you do all your admin in and the place clients see. Starting with the admin aspect, what are the must-have items for a productive work area?
• And what must you remove?
• What tips do you have for someone who’s naturally messy, but wants to increase their productivity?
• For those working at home and don’t have an office space, what are your recommendations for setting up a functional work area – separate from every day life?
• Now, let’s chat about the client-facing spaces. Could you please talk us through how those spaces should look and feel – from the reception through to the room where the client is pampered, treated, or supported in their exercise regime? What should be featured and removed?
• Do you have any other general tips around decluttering when it comes to work environments?



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofdecluttering

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theartofdecluttering

Website: https://www.theartofdecluttering.com.au


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