Ep 30 – Kathleen Ann: How to charge what you’re worth

Aug 3, 2020

The importance of knowing your value

Are you uncomfortable with client conversations around money?
Maybe you’re struggling to figure out the right price for your products and services.
Or maybe you’re struggling to show potential clients the true value of your offerings.

Talking about money can be an icky subject. Especially when you love the work you do – and would do it for free if you could!

But too many business owners are undervaluing themselves.
Or they’re not packaging their offerings effectively.
Or they’re over-delivering and ripping themselves off.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ll find today’s episode with Kathleen Ann from Power Up Your Marketing very insightful. Get your pen and paper or notes app ready – and let’s dive into the episode!


A corporate escapee, Kathleen Ann is known as the “Money & Marketing Champion” for heart-centered women entrepreneurs (and enlightened men!). She is the Founder of ‘Power Up Your Marketing’ and holds multiple Money and Marketing Coach certifications.

Kathleen works with service based women business owners to help them create and grow financially successful businesses based around their passion and unique brilliance.

As a certified coach, speaker, published author and workshop leader, Kathleen’s work continues to support entrepreneurial women throughout the world to marry money with meaning.



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