Ep 67 – Kara Stokes – Top 5 common content mistakes by health and wellness businesses

Mar 15, 2021

Things to avoid when creating content for fitness-related businesses

If you looked at the title of this episode, you would see it’s another guest episode.

Yet I’m talking to another health and wellness copywriter – Kara Stokes.

You might be thinking ‘Leanne, what are you doing? Getting a direct competitor onto your podcast?!’

But the thing is – Kara and I have worked together in the past. And probably will work together again in the future. We’re a great example of how two similar-minded women can actually help each other out. And be companions, rather than competitors.

Anyway, in today’s episode, we’re chatting about the top 5 common content mistakes made by health and wellness businesses. Kara brings up some fantastic points – and you’ve probably made a few of these mistakes yourself. (Don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone!)

Let’s get your content up to scratch. Grab your notepads or notes section of your phone, and let’s get started!


The friendly fitness copywriter, Kara Stokes, helps health, fitness, and wellness professionals make their words sell.

From writing epic sales pages to making their content SEO friendly, she gets their words working for them.

A healthy living nerd, you’ll often find Kara doing a yoga or weights session finished off by a swim at her local beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.


• Why did you choose health, fitness and wellness brands as your niche?

• Why is content marketing so important for health and wellness business owners?

• What are the common mistakes made when it comes to content?

• What are 3 actions our listeners can take after this episode to get their content marketing back on track?


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Email: ks@karastokescopywriter.com

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