Ep 100 – Justin Shelton: Strategy before sales

The secret and special key in my business

Behind every great businesswoman, there’s often a great man asking…What’s for dinner?

To celebrate my 100th episode of Marketing & Me, I’ve invited my husband of 13 years, Justin Shelton, to join me and talk about strategy before sales.

It makes sense to combine this milestone episode – and my hubby to talk about this subject – because starting and maintaining my podcast is a key part of my marketing strategy. And Justin has always had a very strategic mind throughout his career, volunteer work, and life in general. Oh and he’s also been my main cheerleader in everything that I do!

I hope you enjoy this episode – and celebrate with me by sharing it across your network.

Let’s get started!


Finishing school after Year 10 to pursue a tool-making apprenticeship, Justin Shelton has built a strong career in the construction industry over the past 21 years – including roles in machinery, line-marking equipment, and windows and doors.

Due to his great rapport-building and dedicated customer service skills, eye-for-detail, and added ability to get his hands dirty to fix problems, Justin quickly discovered he had a knack for sales.

More recently, he’s gone that step further – having the ability to work on the business strategy at his current place of employment.

While he was brought on as Sales Manager, within 7 months it was acknowledged that his strategic thinking was actually better suited for an Operations Manager role – which he’s currently thriving in.


• How do you define strategy?

• You were hired as a sales manager, but then you didn’t come in and start hitting the road and making sales. You’ve kinda realized there were gaps, didn’t you? What are they?

• After the customer-side of business strategy, how about the managing of your staff or your team to make sure they’re on board with the strategy? What have you done to kinda get that happening?

• Are there any other aspects in terms of strategy that you want to talk about?

And then I always ask the following:

• Which marketing method works best for your business?
• How do you take care of your health and wellness?
• How can people connect with you?


Just send me a mail at leanne@writetimemarketing.com.au or call me at  0412 861 685 to connect with Justin.

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