Ep 82 – Carmel Finnan: Replacing ‘noise’ with interactive dialogue

Jun 28, 2021

Transforming ‘talking’ into ‘communicating’

When sharing your business story, when trying to promote your services and products, are you actually connecting with the pain points of your niche?

Are you communicating with them? Or just talking AT them?

Story is all about connecting and building relationships.
So it shouldn’t just be a monologue.

You need to think about who is listening – and adjust your messaging so they feel their needs are being heard.

Want to learn more about this concept? Then get ready for today’s episode with Carmel Finnan. I think you’ll find it really interesting!


Carmel Finnan worked for almost 20 years in academia in Ireland as a researcher and lecturer in literature & cultural studies, before starting her own business in 2015.

She is a Storytelling & Branding Consultant for professionals & small business owners who are tired of complex, expensive marketing tactics & want an effective, simple alternative based on human-to-human connection.

She developed a marketing strategy around the principle of ‘storytelling as dialogue’, i.e. replacing the conventional monologue form of taking AT an audience with interactive human engagement.

She currently works and lives in Berlin, Germany.


• Could you please share more about your business journey?

• What are your thoughts on marketing someone’s business post-pandemic?

• What are some examples of ‘complex, expensive marketing tactics’?

• Please tell me more about this concept of ‘storytelling as dialogue’. What does it mean?

• How do we know if we’re just making noise or making an impact?

• What are 3 things our listeners can action after this episode?


Website – www.storydialogue.com 
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmelfinnan/
Email – carmel@storydialogue.com

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