Ep 51 – Bec Derrington: PR and publicity on a shoestring budget

Nov 29, 2020

How to build your own brand awareness

How do you feel about public relations AKA PR and creating your own publicity?

You know – putting yourself out there as an expert in your field so journalists know who to come to for quotes and insight around trending topics.

You might be feeling a bit of uncertainty around this area – and I don’t blame you.
Many of us hate self-promotion and don’t like the idea of being pushy or annoying to busy journalists who are tackling the fast-paced news world.

But the thing is – you’re doing yourself and everyone else a disservice if you’re not putting yourself out there. And not promoting your programs, events, and expertise.

It’s time to turn all of that around.

In today’s episode of Marketing & Me, I’m chatting with Bec Derrington – the founder of the free PR platform, Sourcebottle – about the best ways to build your status.

And you’re in for a big treat!
Let’s get started.


SourceBottle founder Bec Derrington is an experienced PR and marketing strategist, having cut her teeth in the industry more than 20 years ago.

Before pursuing a career in public relations and marketing, Bec practised as a lawyer, but quickly realised she was more passionate about ‘telling and selling’ people’s brand stories. So, she started over – completing a business/marketing degree and working up to executive and senior management marketing, public relations and corporate communication roles in the services sector. And she never looked back.

After the birth of her first child, Bec started her own public relations firm, Wagging Tongues. It was then that she recognised a need for a service that gave journalists and bloggers an opportunity to use new and old media to ‘call out’ for fresh sources for stories.

She knew PR professionals and businesses would also welcome such a service, since they’d get access to these ‘call outs’, with the likely result being their responses would get them highly coveted publicity and media attention.

Just over a decade ago, Bec decided to create this service and deliver it to everyone for free and SourceBottle was born. Since then, SourceBottle has moved beyond just a service for Australian journalists, bloggers and sources. Now, the service is also available in North America, the UK and New Zealand and distributes approximately 15M emails a year – each brimming with free media leads.

More recently, Bec and her tech team developed a SaaS platform to address the need for a tool that would make employee advocacy simple, efficient and scalable. In its first year of operation, the tool – Influencer HUB – generated a 500% increase in web traffic for a client within a six-month period and quickly revealed the social power of a brand’s team and superfans.

Influencer HUB continues to be refined to generate even better results for clients, particularly in the area of content and ‘earned media’ amplification.


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Twitter – @BecDerrington – https://twitter.com/becderrington
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