Ep 133 – Aldwyn Altuney: How to gain over $1M worth of free positive publicity

Jul 3, 2022

The power of positive PR

When growing a business on a budget, Facebook and Google ads aren’t always an affordable option for advertising.
This is where Public Relations – or PR – comes in.
It’s actually free to get – but you gotta know how to make it work for you.
Everyone has a positive story, advice, and insightful opinions inside them.
It’s just a matter of uncovering and reaching out to the best channels so you can share your message with thousands of people.
Today, I’m chatting with Aldwyn Altuney who is all about raising the positive vibration of the world – by getting as many good news stories out there as possible!
Together, we can override all the negativity drowning us on a daily basis via the media.
Aldwyn’s energy is infectious and I know you’re going to love this episode.
Let’s dive in!


Aldwyn Altuney is a mass media marketing expert.
Known as the ‘Media Queen’, she is a TV host, speaker, photojournalist and author of multiple international best-selling books.

With 38 years media experience, her PR company, AA Xpose Media, is the only one she knows of that guarantees results in the mainstream media.

In 2018, Aldwyn founded the Mass Media Tribe Meetup group and a global Good News Day, which is run annually on 8th August.

She founded a monthly Global Good News Challenge in June 2020, has tripled her business during Covid, and recently won the 2021 Bx Print, Media and Photography Business of the Year.

In her spare time, Aldwyn loves performing in her comedy duo The Fiddly Gigglers, acting, playing ukulele, long beach walks and body surfing.


• Could you please tell us more about your business journey?

• What do you love about working with the media?

• How does someone gain positive free publicity – up to $1M worth – and can anyone do it?

• What are the biggest barriers stopping people?

• What are your tips for those who are serious about being seen, heard, and known?


aaxpose.com (Company)
freeprsecrets.com/ (Company)
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aldwyn
Email: aldwyn@aaxpose.com

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